MAG Brew Vikings


We knew we had to change ourselves to accomplish this project, and now we feel different.
Personal fondness could turn into a shared one if everyone discovers his space: our starting point is a warehouse where beer crafting blends with long-term friendship, NFTs, collectibles from our childhood, fantasy RPGs.
When Frynze, the founder of MAG, called to arms to create this bold project, he shared the foundations of our dream, powered by his degree in digital marketing and knowledge of the NFT world. There was no doubt in picking Gigi as the artist for the collection, a professional illustrator and a friend who embraced the vision and the challenge to mix his style with Vikings and beer. He attended the artistic high school in Genoa and then completed his studies at the International School of Comics in Turin. In short, drawing is the reason that makes him jump out of bed every morning. The two inspiring topics helped Steck the Bard to tailor the Magverse lore, known as the Tales of Midgard, and the series of quests unlocking the Whitelist. His daily life as a lawyer did not interfere with the will of using the narrative tool to convey our message of conviviality.
MAG Brew VIkings team
Luko: art director and visual content creator for Mag Brew Vikings. Luca is an Italian artist who was born in Genova in 1996. He doesn't remember a lot about his past life, or rather… I remember everything but I don't think you want to know about my childhood, what school I've done and boring stuff like that. Did you notice anything? I start to speak in the first person because it's me! I'm writing this bio just now! So here is something about me that I think you have to know: every morning I have breakfast with toast (no ham, only cheese), one of my friend is a real salmon (totally salmon in the past, now he have only a salmon head on a human body), I don't think I'm good at writing bios. Davide (aka Daddi): Mag Brew Vikings Discord & Twitter manager. He is a crypto and NFTs enthusiast that is studying physics engineering at the Politecnico of Milan. As soon as he was asked to join the team he accepted with pleasure feeling excited about using the NFT tool in an alternative way: to create an IRL business. Ale: another crypto and NFT fanatic. Thanks to his social skills he accepted t manage MAG Brew Vikings Tik Tok and Instagram page. Another Viking companion to spread the word of MAG through the millenials and and beyond! Closing, the jolly Minstrel of Midgard: Muriz jumped from one topic to another, from lore creation and translation to the gamification bot, through the Twitter space and trying to be a bonding factor. No matter if his life in robotic engineering has become full of Vikings' thoughts…