Company setup

To set up a product-oriented business, the following activity cores shall be established:
  • Revenue source and Clients identification
  • Definition and analysis of production methods
  • Accessibility and distribution of your product
The successful and coherent management of these three pillars paves the way to the success and growth of our NFT-based beer firm. Following, we want to describe to you how we intend to set up these aspects.

Revenue source and Clients identification

  • NFT holders: NFT holders will be our core Clients as well as the most involved ones. Our initiatives and decisions will be primarily addressed toward this Client base, in particular during the first phase of our roadmap. Thanks to our tokenomics, our NFT holders will support us in our marketing initiatives, both with online marketing as well as word-of-mouth within their own inner circle. This process will create a positive chain reaction for all stakeholders: the higher the turnover of the NFT-based brewery, the higher will be the financial return for NFT holders, both in terms of revenue sharing as well as NFT asset value in the secondary market.
  • Crypto users: possibility to have a service/good with crypto payment: new utility.
  • Local market: part of our beer supply will be dedicated to local demand, with local pubs and shops already contacted with the set up of preliminary agreements. Important for differentiation of our client base
MAG Brew Vikings Beer firm forecast for the next 4 years

Definition and analysis of production methods

We are setting up collaborations with established and experienced local producers for beer recipes and the start-up of production in Italy. Third-party production will allow us to achieve the desired high quality of our product and at the same time tailor the production to quickly accommodate our request, especially during the first period when purchase data will be collected and analyzed to make more accurate predictions. Based on activity evolution following the first year, we will monitor a potential set-up of collaboration with other local producers in different areas of the world to ease and speed up the delivery for the local market. Beer will be packaged in cans since it allows easier logistic management as well as graphic implementation.

Accessibility and distribution of your product

We believe that the key to our success will be the accessibility of our product. We are developing a website, directly linked to our NFT project and community accepting crypto payments.