MAG Brew Vikings


Achieved milestones and further steps
  • Collection design: Gigi crafted more than 150 hand-drawn features for the army of algorithmically generated Vikings. Among them, the six gods of Midgard are hidden, unique pieces totally drawn by the MAG pro artist.
  • Generation 1 minting: our team designed and deployed the collection smart contract and Ebisu's Bay, the first marketplace on Cronos, hosted our minting. GEN1 takes the name of MAG Brew Vikings: "The Rebellion" with a total supply of 800 pieces.
  • GEN1 utility: 100% of the royalties deriving from the buying and selling of the GEN1 collection within the secondary market will be given to holders. The community chose to open the secondary only after the post-sale phase of GEN2.
  • Generation 2 minting: as foretold during the first weeks after the minting halt, something is happening throughout Midgard...
  • Charity: our team strongly believes in the unique chance to reduce inequalities and empower people through NFT and our common effort. After a survey of our community, we will donate 3% of the minting revenue to a chosen non-profit organization.
  • Artistic NFT airdrop: Vikings' holders will have the chance to collect seven different artistic NFTs: the background mechanism will celebrate and reward different combinations of Vikings as well as the rarest pieces in our collection.
  • Tokenomics: MAG ecosystem token ($HOPS) will be periodically airdropped to holders, following a rewarding mechanism based on features rarity.
  • Illustrated book NFT airdrop: the chapters of the fictional chronicle tailored by MAG writers, the Tales of Midgard, will be recounted in an illustrated book, airdropped to every MAG holder.
  • Beer-firm foundation: our final goal. Creating an IRL company, born from the concept behind the collection. In the early stage, the main effort will be put into creating a beer Ecommerce that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
A huge fight is on the horizon...
NOTE: MAG's underlying goal is to create a solid and organic community, united by its fondness for beer crafting, Vikings, and NFTs. Thus, this won't be a standalone objective with an end, yet a challenge we would address constantly.