MAG Brew Vikings


A network of networks
Our Vikings and Shieldmaidens will be stored on the Cronos chain, a very promising blockchain. A blockchain is, shortly, an online registry of transactions, transparent to anyone and difficult to hack or modify: money and information can be exchanged into blocks linked with cryptography.
Several reasons led our team to pick the Cronos ecosystem:
  • Cronos is a young blockchain, it has a more patient and friendly community so, we thought it could be a better space to work and get experience for a group of friends like we are;
  • very low fees, null compared to Ethereum (one of the most famous cryptocurrencies), for instance;
  • rapid transactions;
  • Cronos currency is $CRO, the official coin of (among the top 3 crypto exchange companies);
  • Cronos is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), i.e. capable of running Ethereum-based code and exploiting reliable apps.
The latter point becomes crucial since MAG's concurrent goal is to eliminate obstacles between crypto users and the real goods market. We, among many others, believe in cryptocurrencies as a future mainstream payment tool; that's why we'd like to embrace more blockchains in the future, letting people from different blockchain communities benefit from our Vikings.