MAG Brew Vikings


We started from a cozy place, with a bunch of enthusiast friends.
From there, we started gathering people from every corner of the planet, opening our arms in our peaceful organic community. As we reached new goals, hour by hour, we encountered new people to involve. We’d love to look at all those someones as in a great pub; thousands of faces, some tired after work, others loaded with hopes.
And then MAG beer is spilled. It’s mayhem, and everybody goes crazy, pinned in the center of the world, an instant of pure happiness, felt because it has been made possible by those someone, thanks to them. Thanks to you. But the great thing is that all this repeats itself over and over again, there will always be another beer.
Being consistent with who we are and with our shared experiences, we are trying to build something real capable of synthesizing our idea of ​​convivial economics. We strongly believe that for some, feeling part of this digital taproom could represent a way of living. We’ll always try to talk to them all. It was therefore natural to start with beer and its ability to gather.
The mouth of the joyful man is filled with beer.
Last modified 1yr ago