MAG Brew Vikings


Included in the 8000 algorithmically generated NFTs, Gigi crafted six exceptional pieces: the gods of Midgard. These deities were composed in one daily session by the artist, and their features can appear on other Vikings with a very slight chance. Three of them had already been revealed:
Fara is the traveling god, the One Who Never Stands Still.
It is said that Fara is able to move anywhere. Thanks to his ability he has observed the worst sea storms and the most terrifying volcanic eruptions from viewpoints impossible for anyone else to reach.
Ljòs,the intrepid Valkyrie
Followers of the goddess Ljòs must hold the power of light as sacred. Her cantors, however, are all blind, unable to resist the beauty of the goddess. The clarity of her eyes is enhanced by the enchanted runes surrounding them, imprinted in the black war paint.
Klubba is the goddess of nature, her name means "What surrounds us"
Klubba makes the different voices of nature guide the deeds of those who fight for her. Her beer is golden, with foam as fine as her hair, braided with multicolored ribbons. Generous notes of white fruit, fresh flowers, and vanilla emerge on the nose, penetrating like the voices of the goddess whispering to her followers; hints of apple, wheat and raspberries can be felt in the mouth.