MAG Brew Vikings

GEN1: "The Rebellion"

A glimpse on MAG Brew Vikings legacy collection
“The appearance of the gods of Ol was entrusted to the cantors; men in the grip of alcoholic delirium who murdered all those capable of brewing beer and destroyed any written testimony describing the procedures to make it. The raw materials that have always been used to produce it were corrupt and now appear as threats to be feared rather than products to be grown and used…”
During the last quarter of 2021, the Cronos ecosystem boomed with loads of NFT collections populating newly born marketplaces and wallets. It's not such an effort to remember that temporary golden age, with CRO very close to the moon and the widespread illusion of quick and easy (maybe, infinite) earnings.
Despite miscomprehension and critics, MAG Brew Vikings' first 800 NFTs were sold on the Cronos blockchain through Ebisu's Bay launchpad. No metaverse nor staking, yet a long-term vision that has always characterized the MAG project.
After halting the mint, we decided within our community to raise the royalties percentage. Moreover, each GEN1 owner will gain 100% from the secondary market sales revenues (8% from each sale will be shared among our "MAG Brew Vikings: The Rebellion" holders).
This would be only the first perk for those who believed in us since day 1...
A huge fight is on the horizon...