MAG Brew Vikings

The project

Unique algorithmically generated NFTs crafted into the golden hall of the Gods by a professional illustrator
​MAG Brew Vikings is a multicolored NFT project involving gamification, digital artistic illustrations, beer-crafting, and tales inspired by Norse mythology. All surrounded by clarity and conviviality.
Each NFT is crafted by the skilled hands of Luigi Zitelli, aka Gigi, a professional illustrator. Among the algorithmically generated collectibles, you could obtain six exceptional images (Gods) with custom features related to the MAG lore.
The collection is divided into two Generations: the legacy MAG Brew Vikings: "The Rebellion" composed of 800 pieces and a second one, still to be minted (TBA).
MAG Brew Vikings team embarked on this journey with renewed curiosity: a balanced blend of Norse myths and the art of brewing enlightened our writers to build an unveiled universe of mystery, fables, and fantasy. The Tales of Midgard are visually depicted by Gigi’s art but also told through narrative chapters and a series of quests/riddles, totally made up and crafted from square one.
This whole adventure has the final goal of creating a new instrument for sharing passion and earnings: the foundation of a beer firm. A tokenomics system will be implemented, rewarding the Dreamer Brewers in terms of a rarity system. Art won't be put aside: artistic NFT airdrop will be delivered periodically to holders, following a mechanism that will boost the secondary marketplace and encourage trades.
Read further to begin a glorious path towards joy in Valhall!
NOTE: The content on this site is subject to change. We are constantly evolving and adapting our actions concerning the market and minting trends to make MAG Brew Vikings a real game-changer.
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